Measures against Discrimination and Freedom of the Media. The example of the Sinti and Roma.

Publication series of the Central Council, Volume 6, Heidelberg, 2009, available in German and English.

On 5 November 2009, the Central Council organised the second media conference in collaboration with the German Press Council and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. International experts and representatives of politics, the media, and minorities attended the event. The discussion concerned the question of protection from discrimination versus the freedom of the media. Among issues addressed was the situation of the Roma and Sinti minorities in the new EU acceding countries and the image of the minorities presented in the public media and in the opinions of the majority society. Another issue covered was the call for the inclusion of representatives of minorities in the supervisory bodies of public service broadcasting and private media, which would prevent discrimination from the outset. The published work contains all speaker contributions.

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