Anti-discrimination work National and international legal instruments provide comprehensive protection against discrimination. Despite this, racism and discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion or ideology, disability, age, and sexual identity ... mehr

Minority rights

Minority rights The Central Council advocates the support and protection of the German Sinti and Roma as a national minority. There are four long established national minorities in Germany: the ... mehr

Compensation and nazi trials

Compensation and lawsuits against National Socialists After 1982, the Central Council was able to bring about a fundamental change in the discriminatory practice of reparation for the surviving victims of ... mehr


Remembrance work After the liberation from National Socialism, the Holocaust of the Sinti and Roma was suppressed from historical memory and from public remembrance for decades. The newly founded Federal ... mehr

Cultural participation

As part of its work to promote cultural participation, the Central Council seeks to strengthen the cultural and political position of the minority, in Germany and in Europe. Article 15 of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities stipulates the following: All the states that sign it shall create the conditions necessary for the effective participation of persons belonging to national minorities in cultural, social, and economic life and in public affairs, in particular those affecting them. Primarily, this means promoting equality of opportunity and effective equality between persons belonging to a national minority and those belonging to the majority society. In this, there are several courses of action available to the contracting states, e.g. the effective participation of persons belonging to national minorities in the decision-making processes and elected bodies both at national and local levels. ... mehr

International issues

Acting at the national and international level, the Central Council seeks to achieve the following goals: to continuously raise awareness of the Holocaust of Sinti and Roma; to see Antigypsyism acknowledged as a specific form of racism and condemned in all of Europe, given Europe’s responsibility to history. And in doing so, to safeguard the rights of minorities, to assure anti-discrimination protection, and to ensure the participation of the minority. ... mehr