Peter Nestler’s Injustice and Resistance – “Grimme Award” nomination

Peter Nestler’s “Injustice and Resistance” has been nominated for the prestigious “Grimme Award” (coloquivally referred to as the German TV Oscar).

This 2-part film deals with several forms of resistance of German and Austrian Sinti and Roma during the last 80 years. It’s about rebellion against injustice and insistence on grace and justice. Heart and center of this story is Romani Rose, his family and his comrades-in-arms. 13 relatives of Romani Rose were murdered in the concentration camps; his father Oskar Rose was forced to go into hiding from the Gestapo. The film also tells the story of how Oskar Rose attempted to seek help from Cardinal Faulhaber in Munich in 1942, and how he managed to free his bother from the Neckarels concentration camp. It is a story of courage and determination of a minority and their desparate fight between self-assertion and trauma, the story of an outstanding and constant injustice occuring since post war times until now. For Roma and Sinti, who had survived Holocaust, exclusion, poverty and bullying through officials belonged to everyday life. The Porajmos, the genocide of this minority was officially recognized only in 1982. Their tireless engagement testifies to civil courage and citizenship, to insistence on peaceful togetherness of cultures and a foreward-looking understanding of democracy. Is there anything more important in these times of increasing exclusion and racist violence? (Quote from the announcement on the cinema homepage)

The Goethe Institut in London will screen the film on 27 January 2023, on th Holocaust Memorial Day. Details are available at the homepage of the Goethe Insititut.

The German version of the film is available online at the homepage of 3sat TV until 12 February 2023.

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